About the Artist


The Artists Statement:

I have been teaching art for 9 years now and I love what I do.  In my work I intend to express the spirit and beauty that I see in every day life.  I am inspired by our human capacity for compassion, intimacy, and the strength within us to persevere.Two artists who inspire me are Georgia O’Keeffe and Andy Goldsworthy:  Georgia O’Keeffe, for her ability to see the form within the form and her mastery of the line and Andy Goldsworthy, for his ability to go out into nature see art forms within it then re-order them into his own elegant reality.  I have also been inspired by my teachers who opened the door to painting and showed me that I could do it well. I enjoy painting in oil because of the way it blends and moves across the surface.  I have to say though, I’ve found that I enjoy all mediums.


One Response to “About the Artist”

  1. Elizabeth,

    Feedback… this is a lovely statement because it mentions 1) those who you admire/inspired you and 2) those who have mentored you – your teachers… as you develop your teaching philosophy this will be great to add to your blog as well.. I love the word “translate” – translation of your vision… and that great teachers “show” as well as tell.. nice job/gorgeous page.. (yes, I read this at your show in VBHEC and it was a strong addition to the exhibit) – PE

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