Student Teaching Elementary Student Art work

These are some images of the work my elementary students did while I was student teaching!  I also got shots of the room because the organization was incredible!

He gets it!

He gets it!!!!!! The 5th grader gets it!

While we printed we also created wyland scenes, 2 for the price of 1!

The 5th grade Gyotaku set up was great, while we printed  with5-6 kids, the rest worked on Wyland studies.

prior to doing the collage we did studies of Eric Carle\'s Hungry Little Caterpillar

Before the 1st graders painted the paper for the Eric Carle work they did studies of the Hungry Little Caterpillar!

prepping for watercolor resist

The 2nd graders did architectural drawings using geometric shapes with a crayon & watercolor resist to add color. These came out so great!

A place for everything

The new building my teacher was in was great, they really thought about the design of the art room.  She had space for everything!

This was the daily cabinet with the current lessons by grade, teacher and day, wow!

This was brilliant and made setup and tear down so easy.  My teacher had this cabinet organized by grade, day, table color, and class.  Phew!


One Response to “Student Teaching Elementary Student Art work”

  1. Clear images – super classroom organization… students images are always my favorite! – PE

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