Current Resume…

Elizabeth L. Tumilty

448 Caren Drive

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

757.641.4624 ~ 757.965.7891


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Princess Anne High School Alumna, class of 1987. Bachelor of Fine Art, Old Dominion University, includes licensure for education in grades K through 12, as well as 30+ credits in general Business & Marketing and additional General Education classes. Post graduate work with VCU, Summer Teacher Forums through the Chrysler, MOCA, Savannah College of Art and Design


Teaching Methodology:

I believe teaching art through project based interdisciplinary methods is the ideal way to fully engage the student and show them how all the facets of life are integral to Fine Art. STEM to STEAM is the future and I believe that Math, Science, Technology and Engineering are all entwined in Design.  As arts are integrated into the nation’s STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs I want my students to understand that Art and Design are all around them.  Art making also provides the student with the hands on opportunity to think creatively about solutions to their art problems and learn about materials, fabrication, craftsmanship and Engineering.  By utilizing Response to Intervention (RTI) and formative assessments during a project I can balance a multi-tier approach with the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs. I facilitate the creative process and provide the students with a deep understanding of all of the visual information they are exposed to on a daily basis and promotes higher thinking and individual results.


Professional Experience:

Norfolk Public Schools, Art Educator, July 2008 –June 2016, Ruffner Academy Middle School

  • An Exemplary rating with 100% fulfillment of my annual goals using engaging art lessons with relative content that links to the cyclical nature of historical events ideas and inventions.
  • Successful development of a rigorous, meaningful and unique annual curriculum that includes art lessons that express personal interpretations of contemporary and historical art work through various materials and experimentation both at the exploratory level and the High school level Introduction to Art.
  • Successful incorporation of “Big Idea” methodologies, formative assessments, hands on techniques, understanding by design, and aesthetics.
  • STEM to STEAM methodologies are learned through rigorous project based learning techniques.
  • Development of meaningful relationships with students and colleagues to ensure successful outcomes in the classroom.
  • Submission and display of student art within the school and in the community at venues such as The Hermitage Museum with student work placing at District wide First Place Sculpture and Honorable mentions in the 2D category.
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) and formative assessments are utilized in my classroom during a project in order to balance a multi-tier approach with the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs.


Virginia Art Education Association, Tidewater Area President – 2014-16 term

  • Coordination of local committee for the planning and execution of the State Conference with 600+ attendees
  • Attending all meetings of the VAEA Extended Board as a voting member and representing the concerns of the members in the region.
  • Scheduling and chairing regional board meetings as appropriate
  • Overseeing and cooperating with the responsibilities of other regional officers including financial accountability and reporting
  • Assuming or delegating responsibility for submitting vouchers and receipts for all VAEA funded activities, and maintaining accurate accounting of annual income and expenses for regional activities
  • Providing and delivering regional professional development and enrichment activities for art educators
  • Promoting regular communication and Professional Development workshops among art educators in the region and/or providing for the regular publication of regional newsletters
  • Coordinating and curating Gallery shows to display Art works by Regional Art educators


Bank of America, Corporate Credit Card Division, Change and Information Management (CIM)

Business Support Lead II – July 1999 – May 2006

  • Managed the Division Business Plan and Scorecard processes for all subdivisions within CIM
  • Compiled business review documents within CIM for executive level review
  • Reviewed processes & developed process improvements
  • Practiced considerable tact, diplomacy, and judgment during client contact and exposure to sensitive information
  • Was responsible for meeting planning and facilitation within CIM
  • Organized and executed site activities for 2400+ associates
  • Provided direction, organization and support to the Norfolk Site Administrative staff as an Administrative Professionals Steering Committee member
  • Maintained strong internal and external customer service and communication skills



Exhibitions & Awards in Art:

    • The Embitterment of Lilith, The Selden Arcade and The D’Art Center, April, 2015
    • Currently the Tidewater Virginia Art Education Association President, elected 2014
    • Facilitated Teacher 2 Teacher training on different Artmaking techniques for the classroom at both local and state conventions, 2009-2015.
    • Educators Show, Gordon Gross Gallery, 2013 & 2014
    • Area Variations Exhibition, Suffolk Museum, Fall 2012
  • Virginia Art Educators Association Exhibition at The Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, 2011


  • Old Dominion University’s Exhibitionists VI, 2007
  • Undergraduate Show, Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, 2007
  • Charles K. Sibley Scholarship recipient, 2007
  • A Time and A Place, solo show, Old Dominion University Virginia Beach Higher Education Center, 2007
  • Exhibitionists Five Show, Old Dominion University Gallery, 2006
  • Stockley Gardens Art Show 2nd place Futures Award Recipient, 2006
  • Claire P. Harrington Scholarship recipient, 2006



  • An Allegory to Autumn, Oil on canvas, 120×36 Paul Blackwell
  • Emblem, Andrew Geygan
  • Red Stream, oil on canvas, 36×48, private collector
  • 2 Figures in Gold and Crimson, oil on canvas, 36×48, private collector
  • Poem, oil on canvas, 36×48, Custom Cake Shoppe
  • The Kiss, oil on canvas, Andrew and Jennifer Geygan
  • Addicted, Kevin and Robin Bergsted


Community Involvement:

  • Coached girls recreation volleyball for the city of Virginia Beach Kings Grant league ages 10-15 from 2006 to 2011.
  • Assistant coached girls recreation volleyball for the city of Virginia Beach Thalia/Malibu league ages 8-10 from 2004 – 2002
  • Bank of America Junior Achievement Program Director from 2001 to 2004 I was responsible for recruiting, training and managing 30+ volunteers for the Junior Achievement partnership. I was also a volunteer for the program.
  • Project manager for the Bank of America 2002 site wide Health Fair, I led a team in coordinating a site wide health fair to educate 2000+ bank associates on health related issues. The fair included the mobile mammography unit, a Red Cross blood drive, Cholesterol screening as well as several other health related events, health professionals and vendors.
  • Team Bank of America graphic designer, I was called upon to create posters and flyers for various events such as speaking engagements and volunteer opportunities within the site from 1999 to 2006


Seminars and Courses:

Managing Inclusion, Reaching Consensus, What Matters Most, Writing Advantage, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Leadership Education And Development Retail Management Certificate, Child Abuse and Neglect Training(ODU)



  • Paige Tucker, Senior Vice President, Bank of America, Product Operations, Los Angeles, CA, 626-243-5755
  • Patricia Edwards, Faculty, Art, Art Studio, Art Education, Old Dominion University, Virginia Beach, VA 23453, 368-4110, E-mail
  • Richard J. Nickel, Assistant Professor Old Dominion University, Old Dominion University Art Education Program Director, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA 23529, 377-4214, E-mail

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  1. Hi Elizabeth… I really love your format here – is there an area you can place your student teaching pictures? – PE

  2. This resume is very polished… great work, Elizabeth! -PE

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