Gallery of my Personal Art

Teresa Palmer of VCU has expanded my repertoire to include the ancient art of encaustics.  I have fallen in love with this media and have shared my excitement with many of my colleagues at several VAEA workshops and conferences.  This medium is amazing!  The 5 recent works you see below will be on view at the August Show at Downing-Gross.

mothers little helper you promise it wont hurt she was asking for it loose skin i cant believe she wore white

I have discovered a luminescence in powdered metals and liquin wax, I love it!  It gives a ghostly appearance to the leaves and allows them to become whispers of the trees memories of the spring time and the bursting forth of the trees leaves.

I have discovered that I love all mediums!  I am the happiest when I am creating something whether it is an idea, a painting, a sculpture, jewelry, or a print.  I hope you enjoy this gallery…


Pointillism Self Portrait, 18″x24″, oil on canvas

Pointillism detail

Color Reflection study, 18″x24″, oil on canvas

Shadow Study, 18″x24″, oil on canvas


Michelangelo’s Sybil Study, 24″x36″, oil on canvas

Shading techniques, stippling, scribbling, & contour hatching

Lithography Printmaking

She sells Seashells, Plaster, 36″tall

The 2 minute pinch pot

Pinch bottle

Slab vase


Spinner ring Copper on Sterling silver

Joint sauder box, 1.25″d 1.75″w1″h

My brothers keeper, 16×20, oil on canvas, 1 of 2

My brothers keeper, 16×20, oil on canvas, 2 of 2

The Kiss, 36″x48″, oil on canvas

Family Moments, each 36″x48″, oil on canvas

The State of the Union, each 24″x48″”, oil on canvas

Presence of Life, each 24″x36″”, oil on canvas

The Poem, 36″x48″, oil on canvas

Red Stream, 36″x48″, oil on canvas



3 Responses to “Gallery of my Personal Art”

  1. Elizabeth,

    I really love the variety and strength of the many materials showcased. – PE

  2. Love the slab pot-and “Red Stream” Use of color and form are stirring in a way that slips between the cracks of logical understanding… Keep up the good work!

  3. If I were a student in your art class, I would be an eager learner. As a present Art Teacher, your talent and skills are very well mastered. Kudos! – B Quander

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