Teacher Statement

Teaching art through interdisciplinary methods is the ideal way to fully engage the student and show them how all the facets of civilization throughout history fit together.  That Math, Science, Language arts are all entwined with the Fine Arts.  I want the student to understand that Art is all around them and I want them to be visually literate and able to make informed decisions.  Art making also provides the student with the hands on opportunity to think creatively about solutions to their art problems.  Facilitating visual literacy provides the students with a deep understanding of all of the visual information they are exposed to on a daily basis and facilitates higher thinking.  Utilizing differentiated instruction also makes art available to all students regardless of any challenges they may face.


One Response to “Teacher Statement”

  1. Elizabeth,

    This statement includes the connctions of art to life – – and the opportunity to solve problem through arts education and interdisciplinary connections – very nicely done – PE

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